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Friday, October 28

OpEd: Al Gore, Unleashed

David Michael Green of says:

Al Gore, Unleashed
by David Michael Green

If it’s not too early - 37 months before the election - I’d like to make an endorsement for president in 2008.

It is an endorsement I could not have imagined making in 2000, and certainly not in 1988. But it is one I make today with only a slight degree of trepidation. I’ve had my heart broken in political love affairs more times than I can count, but somehow this one feels like a keeper.

I call for Al Gore to run for president in 2008.

He is, within the limitations of the possible, precisely what America requires in this hour of need, and perhaps just what American progressivism requires as well.


Today’s Al Gore - the real Al Gore - reminds me of no one so much as Warren Beatty’s fictional Senator Jay Billington Bulworth, a man about to die, and therefore liberated from the need to play the game any longer, with refreshing and delightful results.

Gore is not about to die, of course, but in some ways he already has. They took everything from him, and he strikes me now as someone ironically unburdened in the process. Gore won the presidency, and they stole that from him, leaving him us with the American Caligula instead. Along the way they took his public reputation from him, to boot. Now Al Gore seems like a man set free, as anxious to serve the country as he is to atone for his past failures at living up to his own standards of honesty and courage, and as ready to rumble as is necessary. The guy’s not playing beanbag this time.

Howard Dean was probably pretty close to being that candidate in 2004, but when Kerry started aping his line on Bush and the war, Democrats figured they could get both the good politics and the resume in one package, and were fooled into going for the junior senator from Massachusetts. There is every reason to believe that could happen again with Hillary Clinton, but one of the best chances of avoiding that fate would be a Gore candidacy.

I therefore hope, for all these reasons, that Al Gore runs in 2008. He is just what the Democratic Party needs, and a revived, progressive Democratic Party in power is just what the country and the world badly needs as well.

Run Al, run. Run for our lives. Run hard, say what you know to be true, and don’t look back.

Run as if the fate of the nation and the world depends on who is next chosen to lead the world’s only superpower, lately and dangerously gone pathologically amok.

Because it does.

Read the rest of his powerful statement at the source here.

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