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Thursday, December 1

Let's Make Al Gore 'Inevitable'

While many wise heads in the blogosphere counsel against premature endorsement, I feel we Democrats need to impose our own brand of inevitability on the 2008 election before the msm and dlc get any more of a head start than we've already given them.

As we all know, Al Gore should have been president for the past five years. Imagine how different our world would be today if the SCOTUS had not staged a coup in 2000! No one is more aware of this than Gore himself. It's Gore who has been giving the well-reasoned, ballsey policy statements on the critical issues facing us today. It's Gore who opposed a pointless - now edging toward genocidal - war from the very start. Al Gore has taken the full measure of our enemy as has no other Democrat. Yes, let's make him inevitable. Let's make him president!

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Comments on "Let's Make Al Gore 'Inevitable'"


Blogger NeuvoLiberal (@ 12/01/2005 9:12 PM) said:  

Chuck, welcome to the team!

Just posting couple of links on the 2000 abomination:
- Bush v. Gore from
- Wiki page. I wonder if O'Connor and Kennedy still think they made the right decision. Someone should ask them.
- Al Gore's concession speech. Graceful in disagreement.
- Pres. Carter's recent statement: ".. no doubt in my mind that Gore won the election .."


Blogger DC4AlGore (@ 12/02/2005 8:16 PM) said:  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Blogger DC4AlGore (@ 12/02/2005 8:18 PM) said:  

If Al Gore had been President the last 5+ years the world and the US would be a lot better off than we are today!

Gore is making some tremendous speeches on important issues. And, I believe this time around people will listen and take action. He runs he wins.


Blogger NeuvoLiberal (@ 12/02/2005 9:53 PM) said:  

I think so. We'll have to be there and bat for him against the smear and spin machine from both sides of the political spectrum. If we do that effectively, I think Al will win a landslide victory in 2008.


Blogger TeresaInPa (@ 12/04/2005 10:19 AM) said:  

I would love for Gore to be "inevitable", but I also know another group who has been active trying to make their favorite candidate seem inevitable and it really turned me off.
I hope we will not resort to their techniques, such as freeping polls and creating mulitiple user names to do so.
Al Gore deserves to be supported by honest and concerned citizens, not candidate fanatics.
So all I am saying is, let's be careful and ethical in promoting this idea of a Gore candidacy....not that anyone has suggested anything else, of course.


Blogger freethepress (@ 12/04/2005 11:44 AM) said:  

Now is the time to make this happen. I know there are enough people out there who want to see Gore run for President. He is the candidate the Democratic party needs right now. I am willing to join the effort and do whatever it takes.


Blogger NeuvoLiberal (@ 12/04/2005 1:30 PM) said:  

Hi Teresa:

"So all I am saying is, let's be careful and ethical in promoting this idea of a Gore candidacy....not that anyone has suggested anything else, of course."

I am positive that those guiding principles are what Chuck had in mind when he said "inevitable". Absolutely nothing unethical should ever be tolerated by our group.

Hi "freethe press": please feel free to drop a note at this email: gr4ag AT yahoo DOT com . If you are a member of daily Kos or one of the other community blogs, please mention your username there in your email. Thanks for your interest in helping the draft efforts.


Blogger MaggiesBoy (@ 12/04/2005 3:28 PM) said:  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Blogger MaggiesBoy (@ 12/04/2005 3:29 PM) said:  

It's almost too easy. All Gore would have to say in 2008 would be, "Imagine the past 8 years without Bush as President."

Could be the shortest, cheapest presidential campaign ever.


Blogger chuckvw (@ 12/04/2005 9:32 PM) said:  

Teresa - I propose nothing unethical, and I don't have time to freep polls. I'm talking about getting a jump on the MSM who are intent on wrapping a certain other candidate in the cloak of inevitability. The only thing I'm fanatical about is effort to replace the current criminal junta with an administration that sincerely commits itself to peace and social/environmental justice. Gore is one of the few Democrats who qualifies at this point. A war-whore neoliberal would be a disaster for the country and the world.


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