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Sunday, December 4

How to split posts and other posting tips

Hi everyone,

just posting a brief note on splitting your posts. Here is how it can be done.

See below the fold..

1. Draft your post as if it is a single long post Using either the "Compose" mode or the "Edit hmtl" mode (the former editor mode is more user-friendly, and the latter is for better control but it requires some knowledge of html).

2. Use the "preview" feature to see how the post will look like. Repeat the editing process until you are satisfied with how your post looks and reads.

3. When the post is good to go, decide if and where you want to split the post into frontpage portion and the rest. If you don't want to split, just click "Publish Post" and revisit the blog to see how the post looks. You can re-edit the post anytime afterwards.

4. If splitting, switch to the "Edit Html" mode of the editor (unless you were already using it), and identify where you decided to split, and copy and paste these two lines at that spot:

More below the fold..
<span class="fullpost">

5. Then while still in the html mode, at the very end of the post, add the following code line:


6. That's it. Go ahead and publish your post, and reload the frontpage to see if the post and the split worked as intended.

Have fun (splitting and) posting!

Update: I will start compiling a collection of posting tips in this post. For starters, here are some help pages for the (WYSIWYG) editor available:
- Posting and Editing FAQ
- How do I make a link to another webpage?

More help and links to follow in due course.

If you are having trouble with any feature of the blog including posting, this would be a good place to post your feedback as comments.

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Comments on "How to split posts and other posting tips"


Blogger TeresaInPa (@ 12/05/2005 12:20 AM) said:  


The Bush Family are Moonies


Blogger NeuvoLiberal (@ 12/05/2005 1:24 AM) said:  

google bombin', eh? :)


Blogger NeuvoLiberal (@ 12/05/2005 2:23 AM) said:  

The Bush Family are Moonies


Blogger TeresaInPa (@ 12/07/2005 1:59 PM) said:  

Yup, Google bombing. LOL

BTW, I tried the split post thing on my Political/Theater blog and it didn't work there. Is there some download I need to do that?


Blogger NeuvoLiberal (@ 12/07/2005 5:46 PM) said:  

Here is the help page on splitting posts.

BTW, i think you need active links for "google bombing" to work.


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