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Thursday, December 1

National AIDS Day

Support World AIDS Day

Good Morning,
Today is National AIDS Awareness day. Wear your ribbons or tell a friend to get tested, or get tested yourself. It's not just an illness in Africa. Evidently a lot of young gay men think now that it's an "older" gay man's disease. The fact is, it's still a problem in this country, especially among young black women. Anyway, educate yourself at the link above and spread the word, not the disease.


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Comments on "National AIDS Day"


Blogger Lefty Metalhead (@ 12/01/2005 9:13 AM) said:  

Great diary! I was listening to NPR this morning, and they were talking about AIDS Day. It's refreshing to learn that people continue to make efforts to educate and help others regarding this killer. Unfortunately, the Bush administration ignores this problem. Federal funding for AIDS research and awareness has decreases since 1999, and there are so many more people to deal with. Dammit, we need Gore and we need him soon!


Blogger Fancy Pants Elitist (@ 12/01/2005 9:40 AM) said:  

Damn straight Lefty. :) Gore would definitely make a difference in helping battle this disease. Truth be told, Clinton has been very effective on this in Africa... Kudos to him.


Blogger NeuvoLiberal (@ 12/01/2005 12:50 PM) said:  

thanks for posting this diary, fancy. i must admit that i hadn't looked at this for quite some time. will visit the link.

lefty, it'd be great if you could post some links concerning federal funding for AIDS research. and you're right, the need for Gore is urgent.


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