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Saturday, December 31

Talking about what matters

The indispensable Avedon Carroll points to PolicyByBlog’s analysis of Hillary Clinton’s declining grassroots support. It includes Robert Kunst’s open letter to Hillary Clinton:

Two weeks ago, I made CNN, St. Pete Times, Air America, News Max and NY Post, trying to overcome doubts about you, when you were pushing a ban on flag desecration as your priority on the very same day that the '9/11' Commission was giving Bush and 'f' for failing to see their recommendations to thwart another terrorist attack with any real urgency or commitments.

While you had a grand opportunity to expose Bush's failures that is putting this nation at risk, and offer the answers regarding what dangers we are facing....while you could have led an identity missing in the Dem. Party that they even care about national security....while you could have demanded for New Yorkers, what Bush is ignoring....all of this and more was missing, while you focused on a 'non-issue' of banning flag desecration.

At a time when the current maladministration is pursuing a policy of torture in the name of national security, when a CIA Case officer has been betrayed, when the administration is engaged in systematic abuse of power, to talk about a flag burning is to make a joke of public discourse. It insults our intelligence and shames us before the world as a nation unwilling to confront reality.

Of all the possible Presidential contenders, only Al Gore is talking about the real problems that confront the United States of America.

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Comments on "Talking about what matters"


Blogger NeuvoLiberal (@ 12/31/2005 5:54 PM) said:  

One point I noted in Mr. Kunst's open letter is:

"as well as the organization that will prevent another Gore/Kerry fiasco".

I am a bit confused about what he is saying here. Is he talking about the failure of the party/grassroots during those campaigns and after, or is he chastizing the candidates? If the latter, then he'd both be incorrect and self-contradictory in the case of Gore in 2000 ("Gore Won, Bush Stole The Election, Democrats covered up and gave it away" in his words).

Hope to hear a clarification from him on it. I may post this comment at the PolicyBy Blog also.

Happy New Year to everyone!


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