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Wednesday, January 18

The best hope we have of taking back America

Frankly, to my mind he is no longer a politician but a statesman. He has a unique place in American politics that I am sure no one would wish to trade with him, but the events that have brought him there obviously have--I must repeat, as there seems no other way to say it--transformed him. He has gone through political Hell and survived, and more remarkable still, has gained immeasurably from it.

No other possible candidate from either party is his equal. They are all beholden to just the sorts of interest groups and political calculations, the obvious insincerity, that alienates and repulses voters and in the end leads to voter disaffection and alienation. Even the so-called invincible McCain looks like a tawdry panderer in comparison.

Put bluntly, Al Gore has nothing left to lose. He already did. He can't be swift-boated; it would look grotesque. He has been freed to speak his mind, his principles, and that gives him an amazing power. He makes all the others, of both parties, look like the petty pols they are.

He is the best hope we have of taking back America.

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