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Wednesday, January 4

They still fear him

Avedon Carroll does not understand why the press will not admit Al Gore is a strong Presidential contender. Because the celebrity press corps have a vested interest in ignoring Gore.

Will Al Gore Run? Meet The Press Doesn't Think So; Fails to Make Their Top '08 List

As we've said several times in this blog, Gore stands as good a chance as any based on his proven electability (he did win the popular vote); his firm anti-war position from the get-go; his unrivaled 20+ year environmental leadership; his stewardship with Bill Clinton over 7 years of unprecedented economic prosperity; and his skeleton-less closet (he's already been vetted several times). He's the comeback kid; the New Nixon. And he's more viable in our opinion than those that Russert mentioned, including, yes, Hillary. Only Warner has the makings of a candidate who could achieve some broad national crossover appeal.

Nobody understands our times better than Al Gore. Why would we settle for anyone else?

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