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Wednesday, February 1

Just wanted to check in

I am really hoping to hear something from Gore about the national health crisis. He said several years ago that he was in favor of Universal single payer healtcare. This is an idea whose time has come. I think people are going to be willing to listen to the argument for UHC now that our system is so broken.
Of course the insurance lobby is going to fight tooth and nail to keep it from happening, but someone who is not afraid to make the case could have a LOT of traction.

Are you all aware that in Candada they voted the person who created their system the "Greatest Canadian of all Time" or some such thing? Obviously they are happy with their healthcare.
I heard Doctor Tim Johnson on ABC this morning, advocating for the idea. He criticized the bush plan.

Does anyone want to join me in asking Gore to explore the idea and speak publically about it?

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Comments on "Just wanted to check in"


Blogger NeuvoLiberal (@ 2/01/2006 8:56 PM) said:  

Hi Teresa,

here is an interesting comparison of public/private/mixed healthcare systems.

I personally always thought that a mixed system (with a federally funded fully accessible and available public heatlhcare component, but with a private healthcare sector alongside for those that want it and have the means to afford it) may work the best here in the US, but would be glad to see arguments against it (the post above makes one).

Excellent idea about asking Gore to look into the issue and talk about it. I'll be surprised if he hasn't thought about it recently, considering the depth of crisis that Dubya and Co are plunging the healthcare system into. He did make a reference to medicare in his DAR speech, as you recall.

Thanks for the post.


Blogger TeresaInPa (@ 2/02/2006 8:59 AM) said:  


the reason I think a mixed system will not work is that all people must buy into the system to make the tax base for it possible. Wealthy will always be able to buy extra healthcare. But if only poor and lower middle class are in the public healthcare system, it will never be fully funded or extended to those who really need it.


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