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Saturday, March 25

Al Gore’s Moral Strength and Leadership

In this morning’s papers from the west coast, there is word that the former Vice President of the United States, a tireless leader for the environment, spoke about the wonderful job being done in the city of Seattle. This beautiful city is working hard in the environmental arena, making the world a little bit better and a little bit healthier. Al Gore congratulated them on their efforts.

And, talking about good efforts, how about those Dixie Chicks? You’ll remember, in 2003 they were a little critical of this administration. Because of their remarks there was a boycott of Dixie Chick music. Well now they’ve come out with a new album. If you have a moment check out their lyrics to the lead song on the album below. Song sounds pretty good.

With no regrets and I don’t mind sayin’
It’s a sad sad story when a mother will teach her
Daughter that she ought to hate a perfect stranger
And how in the world can the words that I said
Send somebody so over the edge
That they’d write me a letter
Sayin’ that I better shut up and sing
Or my life will be over

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