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Monday, March 6

Former V-P Al Gore On The March

Oh how sweet it is! You know you are on a roll when the right wing nut jobs come out from under their rocks and start getting edgy with Al Gore. We had a very interesting situation today where two articles came out 4 hours apart. One news story was this weird and far-out diatribe with the pleasant title of "Al Gore – fool, demagogue". Here's the article if you can care to look at it. It is fine by me if you don't look at it because it is trash. One of the things the guy says is, Al Gore's interest in the environment is "politics". The threat of global warming, "This is not science. It's politics." What do these guys eat for breakfast to come up with this stuff?

The reason these off the wall articles come out like this is because the right wing knows Al Gore can unite the Democratic Party and win the Presidency. And their response is to attack Gore and the positive issues he supports. The strategy is to define and tear down the other candidate. They are trying to create a negative buzz about Gore now with the goal of defeating him and helping an ultimately weaker Democrat.

As luck would have it, another article appeared from the Guardian Unlimited, in the UK. Take a look at it too, as it is much more positive and outlines all the things Al Gore has been doing recently. You'll be amazed with the positive energy Gore has.

He'd make a terrific President. He certainly knows the issues and has the energy and stamina to be the Commander in Chief.

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