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Tuesday, March 14

Is Gore Still Looking for Votes in Florida? He Won Florida, the election was Stolen

by The Nation

Al Gore returned to Florida this weekend. And you know what that
means. (Insert joke about butterfly ballots, hanging chads, Katherine
Harris and Jews for Buchanan.)

He still uses the line about being a "recovering politician." It
still draws laughter. But those of us who've followed Gore know he's
emerged from the political wilderness as one of the most eloquent
critics of the Bush Administration, a favorite among the Democratic
base and even a dark horse for the '08 nomination. By all accounts,
his foray into Florida, campaigning for state candidates, only
boosted his political fortunes. From the Orlando Sun-Sentinel is report.

"Welcome back, Mr. President!" someone yelled from the crowd as Gore
took the stage.


"This was the scene of a crime," said West Palm Beach Mayor Lois
Frankel, whose son, Marine Capt. Benjamin Lubin, has served in

"We're very proud of him," Frankel said of her son. "But I can
tell you, if Al Gore had been president, my son would not have
been at war."


"I want to give you a couple of reasons to redouble your efforts,"
Gore said.

"Voter fraud!" an audience member quickly offered up, to the delight
of the crowd.

Gore smiled.

"I'll let others talk about that, but I like some of what I heard out
here," he said.
Call it the looser, freer, funnier Al. Gore 2.0. Maybe if he returned
to politics Gore would instantly tighten up and start babbling about
lockboxes. But--risking the scorn of many--I think he could pull a
Nixon or Reagan and win back the presidency.

IF he's willing to take on his former boss's wife.

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