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Monday, March 20

This Would Be Incredibly Sad For The Country If Al Gore Were Not To Run!

AP: Gore Not Planning to Run for President

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. - Former Vice President Al Gore said Monday he's not planning to run for president in 2008 but hasn't ruled out a future in politics.

"I'm enjoying what I'm doing," Gore told an audience at Middle Tennessee State University, where he gave a lecture on global warming.

"I'm not planning to be a candidate again. I haven't reached a stage in my life where I'm willing to say I will never consider something like this. But I'm not saying that to be coy; I'm just saying that to be honest - that I haven't reached that point."

Gore, a Democrat, in 2000 lost to President Bush in one of the closest presidential elections in history.

Gore, who has previously said he had no plans to be a candidate, occasionally delivers speeches on global warming other environmental issues, often criticizing Bush administration policies.

He has also helped found a new television network, Current TV, that started in August and mostly features documentaries by young filmmakers.

Gore told the audience Monday that the world faces a "planetary emergency" caused by global warming and must take immediate steps to reverse the atmospheric changes.

Ed Note (NeuvoLiberal): What Mr. Gore said here is not very different from his statements in October of last year. He still enjoys an extra-ordinary degree of support among grassroots and "netroots", as can be seen in this recent poll, and the diary, and especially this impassioned comment by a well-known critical commenter at Daily Kos. Mr. Gore, we will honor and respect whichever path you eventually decide to take. But, there is an ocean of support out there for you, and should you choose to run, I firmly believe that you won't be left to fight your battles alone the next time.

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