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Thursday, May 18

Major Washington Post Pundit Comments on Al Gore

Howard Kurtz a Washington Post Staff Writer has put together an interesting piece of analysis and research on Al Gore, and the quest for the White House, in today's paper. Take a look at it today in the Post. I am much more upbeat about Gore and his chances of winning. My take on the election is simply this: if Al Gore runs for President he's going to win. And, he'll make it look easy against any of the republicans, including the likely nominee, Senator John McCain.

The republicans are going to make the election about issues of defense and terrorism. The conservatives’ political operatives will pulverize any Democratic candidate who doesn’t have the credentials in these two areas. A Democratic candidate who hasn’t been in uniform will not be allowed to stay on message about anything like health care, the environment, jobs, globalization, etc. That’s why we need Al Gore. He’s got the right qualifications!

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Sunday, May 14

Al Gore on Saturday Night Live

Gore was on SNL last night and was he ever funny. It was just amazing. He is just so Presidential in his delivery. Gore has presence, but he was able to bring humor to serious subjects like, "the lock box". The crowd was really into the show too. They gave him a very warm welcome.

I think Al Gore is running for President. And, if he runs he wins!! It looks to me like a McCain vs. Al Gore race. Gore will win and he's the only Democrat who would be able to beat a strong republican like McCain with his military background. The very conservative right wing of the republican party is warming to McCain because they realize he's their best chance.

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Saturday, May 6

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